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Cast iron radiators in Donegal

Are you searching for designer radiators in County Donegal?

Cast iron radiators Ireland was founded in the wake of the 2020 covid pandemic which shot through the world leading to a lockdown like we have never seen before leading our business models and everyday practices to change. as a result of this, one of the most knowledgeable cast iron radiator retailers was born. we have over 20 years of knowledge in cast iron radiators, their valves, accessories & everything in between. With such an extensive knowledge of cast iron radiators in County Donegal and serving the surrounding areas, we would be more than happy to assist you in finding the most beautiful radiator to complete your house renovation project.


We have a huge range of stock for cast iron radiators that include the beautiful Edwardian range and Art nouveau style radiators, we have old school type radiators to please all and the best of all we are suppliers of the innovative cast aluminium radiator. Here at Cast iron radiators Irelandwe always strive to produce the most bespoke radiator service that you can find, for the radiators that you need, look through our extensive range of traditional radiators today..


Please can you have ready at your disposal your radiator sizes when ordering with us. Please do get in touch with us on the phone number provided if you would like a quote for our bespoke radiator service. Our team here is very knowledgeable in terms of radiator projects and will you assist you in any way they can.

to receive a bespoke quote for the radiator style of your choice please get in touch with us on +442896 210716 or fill in our contact form with your query here

Cast iron radiators, valves and accessories

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