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Why choose cast iron radiators Ireland?

Based in Belfast Northern Ireland, we at Cast iron radiators Ireland are always striving to supply premium cast iron radiators, valves and accessories with a traditional style taken straight from the Victorian and Edwardian era's and manufactured right here in Northern Ireland by Arroll Ltd and distributed across the island of Ireland. Our products are of the highest standard & grade and are quality checked, tested and inspected before being delivered directly to your door.

Here at cast iron radiators Ireland we want to bring you a traditional style radiator without the need for looking online or going to a seller you don't or cant trust, we want you to be able to have piece of mind knowing full well that your cast iron radiators are sourced directly from Ireland and not from a place you don't know the name of and a business you can't reach.

Our traditional style cast iron radiators come with a 10 year manufacturing guarantee to prevent any unplanned mishaps. With Cast iron radiators Ireland you don't just buy a radiator from a supplier and be sent on your way, we are always here for advice and help if it is needed and we will always put our customers first in the aim of providing a superior nation wide service for all.

We also offer a wide range of radiator valves and radiator accessories for all of our products.

Get in touch today on 02896 210 716 or email us at

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